Water conservation is something that is extremely important in California. As a homeowner, reducing the amount of water you use each month can help you to go green and lower your utility bills each month. And while the majority of California homeowners will quickly call a plumber in the event of an indoor plumbing issue, most will put off an outdoor plumbing problem for weeks at a time. This bad habit can not only end up costing your family more in the long run but it can also create a spike in your water usage.

If you think about it, a problem with your sprinkler system can be devastating for your lawn or even result in an injury if it ends with a water explosion. And while a sewer blockage may begin outdoors, if it is left alone, it will lead to a number of horribly inconvenient indoor issues as well. In addition to regular summer and winter maintenance, one of the best ways to conserve more water and prevent a major plumbing issue is to invest in “green” outdoor plumbing. With this simple step, plus a few changes to how you normally approach water usage during the summer months, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the season and doing your part to keep the water flowing.

Time to Call the Plumber: Major Outdoor Plumbing Issues You Should Avoid

1. Sewer Blockage

The sewerage system is an intricate network of piping that is designed to carry wastewater from your home underground. Every time you use a sink in your home or flush the toilet, this wastewater is carried away down into the sewerage system. Some basic signs that you may have a sewer system issue on your hands include:

  • Water backup in sinks or toilet
  • A gurgling sound coming from drains
  • More than one drain clogs at once
  • Toilets aren’t flushing normally
  • Bubbles are coming up in sinks throughout the home

Everything from improper disposal to tree roots and bad pipes could lead to sewer blockage, so remember to contact your local plumbing experts to take a look at the issues as soon as possible.

2. Sprinkler Issues

Investing in a sprinkler system is a great way to help keep your front and backyards looking great while conserving water and avoiding the chore of watering on your own. If you have a kitchen garden or a large lawn, a sprinkler system can be a life-saver. But sprinkler systems are also notoriously difficult to maintain.

Sprinkler systems are prone to damage and if not properly maintained by homeowners, they can cause a world of trouble during the summer months. As a homeowner, it is very important that you keep a close eye on the sprinkler heads in your yard as you attend to your other lawn care duties or play with your family. This is especially important because a small leak in the system can lead to a huge problem if you don’t catch it quickly. While you can get in some DIY action and dig up the area around a broken sprinkler head to try to resolve the issues, chances are you’ll need professional assistance to put things back in order.

3. Problems with Hose Bibs

Even if you decide against a sprinkler system in your yard, you and your family will need to use your hose bibs every now and then. Hose bibs work to supply water to your outdoor plumbing fixtures and because they are used quite often they are also prone to damage if not maintained properly. These simple plumbing connections often break due to regular wear and tear and in some areas, can frost during a particularly cold winter.

Leaks and cracks in hose bibs can be a big nuisance and also result in a large amount of water usage over time. Additionally, this type of leakage can also lead to issues that affect your outdoor water supply. Replacing or repairing hose bibs may seem like an easy task because they are a relatively small working part of your outdoor plumbing system but just like most other plumbing jobs around the home, this task should also be left to the experts to avoid creating a larger issue.

How Can California Homeowners Reduce Water Consumption During the Summer Months?

The state of California has been experiencing a drought for several years now and because of this, it’s important that all residents do what they can to conserve water. While some may think that conserving water is easier said than done, there are plenty of small ways that you can help out. In addition to regular plumbing maintenance and care, check out these simple ways that you and your loved ones can help save water this summer:

Water Your Yard on Schedule

While many towns and cities across the state already have watering restrictions in place, you can start a trend in your area by maintaining a gorgeous summer lawn and watering less-frequently. That’s right, by keeping a simple schedule that only includes watering during the early morning hours or the evenings, you’ll get better results and help save water. Additionally, make sure that you are actually watering your lawn and plants instead of wasting valuable water on the sidewalk or your fencing!

Upgrade Your Landscaping

One simple and effective way to reduce the amount of water you use annually is to remove your old, thirsty turf grass and plant a garden full of beautiful and drought-resistant plants. This method of “xeriscaping” allows homeowners to enjoy healthy and gorgeous yards that require very little or no irrigation. Not only does this type of landscaping look great, it means that you and your family don’t have to waste time watering or mowing all summer long!

Shorten Your Showers

As the temperatures heat up, you may be tempted to spend more time in the shower but shaving just 2 minutes off of your morning shower can help to save up to 1,750 gallons of water each year. Not sure you can limit the number of showers you take this summer? Then try turning off the water in your shower whenever you soap up or shave. Installing water-efficient shower heads and faucets throughout your home is another simple way of reducing your overall consumption.

Go Green and Save Water This Summer with Benjamin Franklin

As your trusted local plumbing experts, we want to help you and your family enjoy a safe and happy summer while saving water. If you notice any outdoor plumbing issues or you simply want more information on safe water conservation, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team online today or give us a call at 707-263-1629!