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Understanding the different parts of your household is necessary to develop the right responses when things go wrong. This is why responsible homeowners need to understand basic carpentry and even plumbing to avoid calling for help for every broken thing. However, not all of your home’s parts are equally understandable. While carpentry problems are more obvious as a structural issue, things get slightly more complicated when water and pressure are added to the mix.

Having a Deeper Understanding of Your Plumbing

Most homeowners are aversive to complications with their home’s plumbing. Pipes, drainages, and water flows are complex matters to deal with, which is why you should prepare yourself before approaching them. Including water as a variable comes with a wide range of potential disasters. This is why it’s better to be more familiar with what you’re getting into.

In this article, we’ll share three secret details you should know about dealing with toilets.

1. Toilets Take Up a Lot of Your Water Consumption

While washing dishes and doing laundry can seem like a considerable chunk of your water consumption, these two pale in comparison to your toilet usage. Toilet water waste was such a substantial issue back then where older models could use over eight gallons of water per flush. Thankfully, regulations established in the 1980s set a limitation to 3.5 liters for toilet models.

If you’ve been flushing your toilet liberally for the past few years, you may have found the culprit to your water bill. It’s generally a good idea to update your toilet to newer models that can use just around 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Doing so will show an improvement in your monthly water bills.

2. Toilet Repairs and Installations Can Turn into Disasters

While simple structural work around the home, like a broken window or uneven floorboard, is easy to fix, toilet repairs are much more delicate. With simple carpentry, you can practically fix a crack with some roughly applied sealant and plyboards. However, problems in your pipelines need a much greater position. Otherwise, you could start the beginnings of a plumbing nightmare.

For example, toilet installation isn’t just about connecting your home’s pipes and toilet together. Your lack of experience can lead to extensive home damage from different potential causes. It can be a loose supply line and valve installation or a ruptured pipe. Any mistakes you commit during the installation can lead to time-bound plumbing emergencies. The longer it takes before you get professional repairs, the greater the damage to your home will be. For this reason, we highly advise against performing DIY toilet installations or repairs.

3. Plumbers Are Charged Differently

There’s no universal standard for plumbers, which is why you need to research your local plumbers for the best rates. Some have an hourly labor rate, especially if you’re dealing with complex installations or repairs. Others will have a flat rate for specific tasks, mainly for replacements or minor issues. This is why it’s vital to consider looking for a service with the proper license and insurance. Choosing to work with these certified firms will minimize the risk of poorly performed repairs and treatments.


These facts mentioned above are just some of the many things you wouldn’t generally know about dealing with toilets. This is why it’s incredibly dangerous to attempt major repairs and installations without the right tools and experience. If you want to avoid making an expensive mess in your bathroom, it’s best to leave your plumbing jobs to experienced professionals.
Homeowners must know when to call for professional help, especially for emergency matters that demand immediate attention. Whether you need faucet repair, toilets repair, clogged or backing up drain, sewers, or septic systems, you can count on our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin. If you need a reliable and skilled plumber in Cobb, CA who cares about customer service, contact us today!