Faucets are easy to ignore since they’re not usually part of a household’s daily cleaning routine. You never really notice the importance of this household equipment until you need it and can’t use it. However, they are an integral part of your home’s daily functioning. 

For that reason, you should learn to spot early signs of wear and tear and other faucet problems to address them immediately. That way, you’ll save yourself trouble in the future.

Here are four of the most common faucet problems in a household and how to fix them:

1. Rust and Wear and Tear

Once you notice the tiny hint of rust developing on your faucet’s exterior, there’s a good chance it’s formed on the inside, too. Rust affects the quality of your tap water and is also a health concern if you drink from it. 

Like limescale, rust is a common faucet problem that is part of its general wear and tear. Faucets inevitably develop rust over years of use unless your faucet is rustproof. But once you do have a rust problem, it’s better to have it replaced with a new and better model.

2. Leaking Water

When your faucet drips or leaks water, it takes a toll on your water bill and makes you annoyed with the constant dripping sound. But what’s worse is that water that pools in the sink may overflow and damage furniture and electronic equipment if left unattended.

This problem is typically caused by a dislodged or torn washer. As these silicon-based seals become stiff and corrode over time, they get damaged and create tiny water trickles. You should have them replaced immediately before the water pressure completely destroys them, creating a bigger problem.

3. Low Water Pressure

This is an issue that’s common with older faucets with aerators at the opening. These tiny holes can get blocked with dirt and debris, inhibiting water flow. In addition, leaking pipes and some plumbing blockages can also cause low water pressure. However, if the pipes are working fine, the problem may lie with the constrictor valve inside the faucet. 

4. Excessive Noise

When your faucet creates excessive noise like whistling, screaming, or chattering, it indicates a problem that requires consulting a plumbing expert to find and address the root cause of the problem. One of the most common reasons for this issue is a loose washer. 

However, if you’ve already tightened the washer or have replaced it with the correct size and yet the problem still persists, it could be caused by another issue. You’ll need a professional plumber to take a look.


There are many possible causes behind a faulty or malfunctioning household faucet. The important thing is that you have it addressed immediately and consult with a professional plumbing service. 

Tackling your faucet concerns need to be addressed as soon as possible so they don’t worsen and cause bigger problems. It also saves you from getting health problems, such as in the case of rust on the inside of your tap. It’s best to consult professional plumbing services for these issues. 

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