Like most homeowners, you may not have heard of this before, but hard water may be running through your pipes. While that may sound strange, there is indeed a variant of water known by that term. You may be wondering what makes it different from the regular tap water that comes out of your faucet. Well, the main denominator would be the mineral present within the liquid itself.

Hard water has a high amount of minerals in it, much so that it may taste way different than what you are used to. It may even cause some adverse effects on your pipe, clogging or damaging it in the process. With that said, you may probably want to do something about it to save your pipelines from any form of damage.

While most people understandably do not have the appropriate knowledge to determine whether or not their pipes are being run with hard water, they may still be able to look out for the different signs that may help them figure it out at first glance. 

If you happen to be one of those people and would like to know more about this, no worries. We created this quick and easy guide detailing the signs to watch out for: 

1. You Have a Flaky, White Showerhead

A flaky showerhead is a sure sign of having heavy water in your pipes. While that may not always be the most significant sign to look out for, it still has a certain validity, especially if you consider the leading indicators of minerals. Usually, they come in a crystallized form, and they often dry up when exposed to air.

Such can be the cause of those random flakes which may have stuck on your showerhead. If that’s the case, immediately clean it off or call your most trusted plumbers to deal with the problem for you.

2. You Have a Clogged Faucet or Spray Nozzles

Due to the abundant amount of calcium in heavy water, your spray nozzles and the outer ends of your faucet also tend to get clogged. This is somewhat similar to the pointer above. However, the main difference is that instead of the usual flakes, your faucet will accumulate the minerals, getting them stuck at the small passages where your water supply will supposedly exit from the main pipeline.

This is tougher to handle since the clog is more complex to reach than your average mineral flakes. Of course, only a plumber will be able to take such a concern.

3. Strange Residues on Your Plates

Out of all the most common indicators, this one may probably cause the most panic amongst homeowners. Water contamination is never a good thing, which is why no one will ever have any second thoughts about dealing with hard water once they see the residues. 

They usually come in mineral flake bits or a soft white substance, much like a strangely colored moss. Either way, anyone will be disgusted to even drink out of a tap that has this kind of water.


Hard water isn’t something that people often blame for their pipeline’s damages. However, it can affect them in many ways that we can’t even imagine. The presence of a white, flaky component, the random clogging of the spray nozzles, and the appalling residues are just some of the sure signs that say we are plagued with this water variant.

In such a case, there is no other way to deal with this than with the help of well-trusted plumbers who know how to approach this type of problem from the very start. Feel free to call for help and never attempt to do any DIY repairs yourself so that you can have the problem fixed without damaging your pipes any further.

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